Thursday, November 08, 2007

University's Tribes

University of Brasilia, an interesting place, as supposed it is crowded with students of many courses, and although they aren’t the same, they can be classified in tribes because of their common traits. These tribes express many things about their members, like what music they listen, what are their main interests, what are their clothe and so on. In the location mentioned before(UnB) there are tribes that have more members than the others, the greater of all is certainly the Casuals, but there is also Trendies, and Sporties.

Casual are simply born Casual, they were jeans and t-shirt and they are fine they are normal people, go to parties and listen to many types of songs (nothing dramatic or extreme), tend to built many relations and a large group of friends they fit in the community. Trendies also fit in and have many relation and friends but they have more money and they spent it to wear fashion clothes and go to elite parties, they do fine among Casuals but sometimes they can be considered snobs. As for the Sporties, they are ready to play football and wear football team t-shirt, tennis shoes and always talk about sports and last day games, they are almost Casuals but with a high taste for sports, they do fine with Trendies too, but the two groups aren’t close.

And those three compose almost 70% of the subject’s population, the other minor tribes have their roles to play in the University but they are sure more isolated. Casuals can be the standard but that doesn’t mean it is the correct tribe or behavior, but they are the most common in part by comprehending that, Casuals are political, friends to everybody and enemies to none, respects the differences and let it be!

people's life style

In schools of high midle people the most common styles of teenagers are preppy, trendy and nerd. Preppy teens use lacoste, tommy, big eyeglasses and polo-shirt. Trendy are those who like to wear different things that are in fashion and are expensive. Nerd like computer games and all that have in common with technology.
In the city has more variety of tribes like, hippie, emo, gothic, casual, skater, hardcore punk, geek. Because each person has your own style, depending of the place that they use to attend.
In community of north lake there is alot of tribes; preppy, nerd, skaters, "pião", trendy, casual, etc.
For adolescents the lifestyle is very important. Because theyfind their tribes, the people whom they identify. These are the famous "panelinhas." But when the adolescent grows and matures will think their way of living than in their way of living as. This is a the kink of life style futile. At this stage they prefer to go to partys and try to represent your way of being, 'mark their territory' and show to other people that is better than they think of.
That is, you tell me with whom walks that I'll say who you are

In the world have many differents styles. The most comun styles in Brazil are trendy, hippie, preppy, emo and hip hop. These styles are adopted by teenagers the most, the adults adopt a style named casual.
The word emo came from emotional, and the emos are persons who are sad about their lives and sometimes they try to kill theirselves, they wear black clothes and they have their hair painted. The trendy are people who try to be fashion, they are normal persons who uses normal clothes, but clothes that are fashion. The hippie are persons who don´t accept the violence and try to be lovely. This style was created in the 60´s when the U.S. were in war with the Vietnan. The hippies were not in favor of this war, so in way of protest they adopted this way of life. The preppy are people who are rich in the most and they use only expensive clothes, they like to go to shopping malls and Pier 21. Hip hop are people who don´t accept the violence on streets, and try to make peace with their songs.
So, today you know that you can´t be excluded from the society, will be always an group for everybody, the only thing you have to do is think what group is better for you, and if you enjoy on a strange group, good luck!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Style of Teenagers

A good way to discover what tribe a person is , is looking his clothes and his hair.The teens that are of a same trib use to listen to simular musics,singers and etc. Let's see the Sk8rs.. They wear baggy clothes and own skateboards. They like to walk arround the streets and ride skate on them.They normally listen hip hop music. Another group that make success are the Trendies. They wear the latest and most expensive fashions. They like to meet new persons and they normally listen trance. I like them. In my opinion, everyone have to be the way that want, because anyone have to like the same things and wear the same clothes. Teenagers like very much the differents kind of style that have in our city and I like it too.


Nowadays, in our society there are many groups of teenagers that have the same style, we recognized them by they clothes hair and so on. The most common styles are trendy, hippie,preppy, emo, gothic, casual, hip hop, skater, hardcore punk, geek... In this composition I will talk about three of them: casual, EMO and trendy.
EMO come from emotional , they listen to bands like, Simple Plan, Fall out Boys, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlote, Fresno, NX zero...
They always go to Patio Brasil a shopping mall in Brasília to have fun, they met there other emos and talk. They have colorfull hair pink, blue, purple, violet are the colors that they like it more, they use dark clothes with cherries and skulls, they like to buy their clothes and acessories at stores at Conic.
Casual people like the name says are casual they uses fashion clothes but they don't worry about always use fashion clothes they like to use a pair of jeans thar is really classic, they uses t-shirts, blouses, a pair of sneakers things that match really easy, they buy this at shopping mall, They have fun going to the movies, hanging out with friends, go to partys to dance. They listen to a little of everything of the other styles: a little of hip-hop, a litlle of rock, a little of pop...
Trendy people are the most common in my city they use expensive clothes of really famous designers and famous stores like Armani, Gucci, Guess, Colcci, Dolce & Gabanna, Channel, Prada. Trendy Girls are thin and they like their hair really straight, and like to wear jewels and see wich nail is more beatifull. Trendy boys like to wear expensive sneakers, expensive clothes, but they aren't thinner as the trendy's girls. They like to go to night clubs and they reallu like to go to Pier 21, they like to listen more pop music.
In conclusion nowadays the world are really dived in groups and styles, and the person see wich group they have in most things in common. We just have to respect each other and everybody live with differences between the styles and the songs ans the types of clothes and something like that

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Tribes are groups of teenagers that think and do the same things. A god way to know of what tribe a person is , is looking his clothes and his hair.The teens that are of a same trib use to listen to simular musics,singers and etc.
We can always see Geeks..They’re very inteligent but they usually dont have a good social life , because most of them are shy.they love being in front of computers,they can do a lot of games and interesting programs.When you talk about Geeks the first thing you remember are the glasses and the normal clothes. The second group are the Emos. No one like them,they’re hated because of their bands and other tribes associate emos like “gays” just because of being emotional like the name EMO says. They use make-up on the face,and they have a strange hair cut.They use to write on their shoes too a unormal thing .Some of them have a lot of piercings.Nowadays , in Brasília Emos have some places for meeting and being together. And a trib that is very comum too are the Hippies, they very peacefull and they don’t worry about clothes and hair cuts .They like instruments like guitars and percussion intruments , that can be artesanal, they like artesanal earings bracelets and etc.
Everyone have a different way of showing your style and things that you like to do , but the most important thing is respecting the others .A problem of tribes , is that noboddy wanna be diferent , so people are affraid of being rejected by them.


In our society, there are many types of styles, each one with their ideologies.In Brasília there are a lot of teen styles, and the most common are : emo, trendy and casual.

Emo is a mist of gothics and punks.They have colorfullhairs and they love to use bands.They listem to Emotional Hardcore, a type of depressive song with emotional lirics, like; Simple Plan, Nx Zero, etc.Nowadays, in Brasília, they're going to Patio Brasil and killing themselves.

Trendy is the style for rich people or people tha want to look like.They uses the most expensive clothes and like the most expensive stores.They like to listem to eletronic music, and usually they're in the best parties.The sometimes can be rude, because they think that they're better than the others.

A very common style is the casual. They don't use the most expensive clothes, but the like to have good things. It's better to have one good thing than a lot of bad things. Usually, they use jeans and t-shirts and tennis shoes. They like to go to every kind of paries and they listen to all types of music. They accept everybody and everykind ok styles.

If you don't ha ve one of this style, don't worry! The most important thing is to be and believe in yourself. Different people and different style, we just have to respect it.
Nowadays, there are so many different people and styles. Here, in Brasília, the most common styles are: trendy, skaters and casual.
Trendy is the high society style. Trendy people are always wearing expensive clothes, designer clothes or brand-name clothes and they are always using a modern hair cut. They are always going shopping or going to parties. Most of them like to listen to pop and electronic music. A trendy person’s friend, most of the times, is another trendy person.
If you want to be radical, you have to be a skater. They’re always using baggy clothes, most of the times they are with a skate in their hands and they have messy hair. They like to listen to rock (like “Charlie Brown jr.”), hip hop and rap. Most of them don’t like to study because they prefer to skate.
The most common style here is the casual people. Most of the times, they are wearing jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes. They like to listen to all the kinds of music. They like to play sports, to go shopping, to go to parties, resuming they like to do everything.
Everybody have a style but the important thing in our lives is not our style, is the way we act in front of the differences of other people’s style. We have to respect people who are different from us so we can leave in peace.

Monday, November 05, 2007


There are many types of styles in our society, each one with theirs differences and ideologies. Nowadays, in Brasília , there are an enormous variety of teen styles and there are three styles that are more common: emo, hip hop and trendy .

Emo is a style of people who like to wear colorful hairs and black and white clothes. Emos like to wear bands and put lots of black make up in their eyes. They like melancolic songs that are darivated of the hardcore, that are named emocore. The place that they love in Brasilia is Patio Brasil Shopping.

Hip hop is the style of people who love types of music like rap and hip hop. They use caps and enormous silver necklaces. This style came from the lower classes of NY. They also like baggy pants and t-shirts as the skaters.

The last style is the trendy. Trendy is the style of the persons who like to use the most expensive clothes and who like the most expensive stores. They usually go to shopping malls and nigth clubs.Some of the trendy girls have straight hair and are anorexic to be fashion. They usually listen to funk and eletronic music. In Brasilia trendy persons are found in Pier 21.

Everyone have a different type of style but the most important is the respect bettwen these styles. People are different and all of them have a type of style that could show a little of what they are.

Teenagers Style

They wear colors bermudas and baggy T-shirts. They wear caps too and normally, they use sneakers. The most of them like to listen "funk", and the most part of other teen call them "peões". This is a largest group of teenagers style.
Another group that make success are the "emos". They dress in black, they use black eyeliners too. Normally all of their clothes are black. They don't have a normal emocional state. They cry all the time.
I thing that everyone have to be the way that thinks it's better, without to be scared about what another people are thinking. If everyone had the same sugestions, the world would be boring so, we have to respect all the styles of life.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


In the society, there are many types of styles, each one with their own ideologies. Styles is on way to express their personalities, people who they admire, looks, clothing styles, music, places where they go, and other characteristics. In the teens world , is usual to see a variety of styles. The most common are trendy, emo and casual.
One of the teen fashion styles is trendy, that
is a little limited because of the amount of money that they expense. So, it is represented by persons who are generally blond, buy many stylish and fashionable clothes in stores as Colcci,, Armani, like to go to expensive parties, that rich people go and like to listen an eletronic music. With frequency, people of this style worship famous models, actors and singers. About their humour, it is agreeable, but sometimes not.
Nowadays, emo style had been growing in a big porcentage of members, who are adept to this personality. They go, in Brasília, to Pátio Brasil Shopping, to buy their different clothes there and in some stores in Conic. They prefer to listen to NxZero, Simple plan, so depressive songs. They have colorful hair, side fringes, wear many piercings and a lot of black eye-liner.And they usually take photos with the angle on the top.
Casual is another famous style, it isn't a showy chic, but a basic chic. They buy clothes in M. officer, Forum, Opção and others, jeans is very important, and they have one rule: the most comfortable is the best. They go to shopping malls, to the cinema,sometimes to dance, so simple and fun activities. In this especific style the posibilities of people who they admire is very ample. They listen to all kinds of music, and about others styles, they are the components of styles who most accept the differences, because they are in the middle of all styles.
Inside, everyone is unique, so everybody had to learn to coexist with the differences, because the freedom speech exist. It is good, it will make everybody grow more and more.



During the centuries people express themselves on fashion. These days this won't change and now the teenagers have a lot of different styles that match with each person.

The most popular style is casual, people who have casual style wear basic clothes like shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts and jeans, the most important kind of clothes in this style. They like to buy clothes in stores like M.Officer, Forum and other brand-name stores. They like to go to the movies, the mall and restaurants. They listen to all kinds of music and each person chose their favorite kind.

Emo is another teens' style. They like to wear a lot of black and white clothes, they have a lot of piercings, their hair are colorful, like pink, purple, blue and green. Every emo wears a bang and they put a lot of black make up in the eyes. They also listen to bands like Fresno, Forfun, Emo., NxZero and other melancolic songs. In Brasilia they like to go to Patio Brasil.

Trendy is a very famous style. Most trendy people are rich because they like designer clothes like Chanel, Dolce and Gabanna, Versace, Calvin Klein and Armani. One of the most important things in their style is the designer sunglasses bigger, better. They like to go to night clubs and they like to listen to electronic music.

Everyone has a different style and that is good because each person chose the most comfortable style for themselves. And the most important is that everybody is different and each person has their way of though and their lifestyle.



There are many teen styles and tribes long ago. Nowadays, in Brasília, there are three most common styles: emo, trendy and casual. Usually, people from thirteen and up are these groups.
Emo peolple usually have colorful hair with bangs in their eyes. They wear piercings and black clothes with colorful details. They go to Patio Brasil, a mall, and sometimes they go to underground shows, even if it's not emo. Emos sometimes are famous because of their photos on the internet and because they cry a lot and cut their pulses, trying suicide.
Trendy people are the most common in Brasília. They wear the most expensive clothes and acessories, like Gucci, Burberry, Colcci and Zara. Girls usually have blond straight hair and are sometimes, anorexic to be in fashion. Some people have already died because of this. In Brasília usually trendy people listen to axe music and erotic funk. However, there are the ones who listen to trance, techno, etc.
Casual people are the ones who like culture. They like to go to the movies or the theather and hang out with their friends. They listen to music like Jack Johnson, Arctic Monkeys and electronic music. Moreover, they listen to ''MPB'', like Chico Buarque and Caetano Veloso. Sometimes they wear designer clothes too. Nevertheless, they are not like trendy people.
The style of the people in teenage can change teens' minds and, consequently, their future, the university they are going and what is going to be their job. This can be good or not, but style is the biggest characteristic of teenagers.



In the world , we have lots of diferent styles like Emo, Hip Hop, geek and many others. They are all incredible and funny. Each style represents the personality of the person. Everyone has a style that can be an alternative, an exclusive or a common style. I will write about Emo, Hip Hop and Geek styles.
Emo is one of that styles.They wear black clothes,strange belts and All-Star shoes. They paint their hair in strange colors, like blue, red, yellow. The emos usually listen to Panic at the Disco, Fall out boy, NXZERO and many others. In fact, Emos are people who don't like their lifes, many emos want to kill themselves.
Another style is the Hip Hop. They are composed, in majority, by the lower classes of the society. However,there are hip hoppers in higher parts of the society as well. They wear caps, big pants, big t-shirts, chains and coats, and they listen to fifty cent, Akon and others.
The last style that I will talk about is the geek style. They are computer experts. They know a lot about tecnology and videogames.Geeks don't care about their appearence, they don't care about their clothes. In general, geeks don't have a good social life, they prefer to use the computer on a Saturday night instead of going out with friends.
In the world,the geeks and emos aren't well seen by the other people, in general.However,the other style is well seen by the younger part of society.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

USA; Disney

If I could have the vacation of my dreams anywhere, I would travel to the United States, and to Disney World. I would chose this place because many people say that Disney is the best park in the world, and the U.S. has the most interesting things in the world. I would go in summer because it is the best season for going there, there are lots of people in the summer.
To get there, I think I would travel by plane, because it is the fastest and best way of going. I would go on a trip group with my best friends Henrique, Vítor and Alemão, all from Lago Norte, in the street that my grands lives. When we get there, the first thing we would do it is going to the roller coasters.
I would take my shorts and t-shirts with me, because it would be hot and sunny there in the summer. Ofcouse I will take my Flip Floop with me, the best sandals in the world, the Havainas. I would go to the roller Coasters, and I would take many pictures there, with Mickey mouse and Donald Duck too.
I would stay only in the parks and in the hotel. Disney is the paradise of fun and adventure, I would enjoy it a lot!
Second draft

Thursday, October 11, 2007

United States of America

If I could have the vacation of my dreams, I would probably go to the USA. In New York there is the biggest musical instrument’s store in the world and in Orlando there is one of the biggest resorts in the world, the “Walt Disney World resort”. If I could, I would travel in the summer because it’s not so cold and I can enjoy the parks more.

I’m sure that I would go by plane, because it’s a long trip and by plane I would get there faster. I would do anything to go with my friends, because with my friends I have more fun, I’m not so shy and everything gets better.

I would go in the summer therefore I would take just some clothes that I wear here. I would buy most of the clothes there because it is more inexpensive. Before traveling, I would eat a lot of “feijoada” and after I got there, I would shout: “I’m in the United States of America!!!!”

I don’t know how I would spend my days there but in New York I would probably buy clothes, video games, shoes and a lot of other things, but the most important thing that I’d do in NY I’d buy a lot of things in the biggest musical instrument store in the world. It must be perfect and it would be so cool. In Disney I would have fun every day. I would go in every roller coaster in that resort. Probably I would go to a lot of parties there and with my friends these parties would be the best parties. I think that this would be my dream vacation.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Zealand

New Zealand
If I could have a vacation of my dreams, I would go to New Zealand, because I could go to the beach or to the snow. I would go there in summer, because it's hot and cold at the same time. If I would go for a swim , it would be hot and sunny, but if I would go to snow, would be very cold.To get there, I would go by plane or ship. I would take my family with because I would have more comfort, I could expend more money, and we could be more independent.If I would go to snowing , I would have to take so much clothes, like sweaters, jackets, pants and sneakers. But if I go to the beach, I would take a few T-shirts, some shorts and flip flops. As soon as I got there, I would go to see the snow and the beach at the same time. It must be beaultiful. the places that I would go to would be parties in the city, some beaches and the snow. I would go to ski in the morning because of the sun and in the afternoon I would go to the beaches for a swim. At night I would go visit an other places, like restaurants, parks and parties.


New Zealand

If I could have a vacation of my dreams, I would go to New Zealand, because I could go to the beach or to the snow. I would go there in summer, because it's hot and cold at the same time. If I would go for a swim , it would be hot and sunny, but if I would go to snow, would be very cold.
To get there, I would go by plane or ship. I would take my family with because I would have more comfort, I could expend more money, and we could be more independent.
If I would go to snowing , I would have to take so much clothes, like sweaters, jackets, pants and sneakers. But if I go to the beach, I would take a few T-shirts, some shorts and flip flops. As soon as I got there, I would go to see the snow and the beach at the same time. It must be beaultiful. the places that I would go to would be parties in the city, some beaches and the snow. I would go to ski in the morning because of the sun and in the afternoon I would go to the beaches for a swim. At night I would go visit an other places, like restaurants, parks and parties.

Monday, October 01, 2007


If I could choose anywere to travel, like my dream travel, it would certainly be Italy, with its beautiful sights and historical sites and of course foods and cars, all of this there just to be admired, to be delighted. Besides Italy is the country of my ancestors, I would love to visit the city of Pergini in the north, which is the city my family lived. So if I went to Italy I would do so in the winter, the cold weather with gray sky above and the lovely Italian land, too beautiful to describe.

I would fly to Italy, assuming I started my journy on Brazil because any other way would have some complications, but if I were already in Europe I would drive all the way , that's for sure, I could enjoy those marvelous roads. In my little adventure I would like to bring along my brother with me so we could enjoy the land of our ancestors together, he is lots of fun, loves good food, good wine, nice Italian views, nice Italian sports cars and nice Italian women, just like me. Because of my choyce of going in the winter, i would be forced to take clothes for cold weather, but I would take some old simple clothes so that I could visit the countryside of Italy, like going to a farm or a place where they make wine, all like it was made in the midle ages, very cool.

As soon as I get there I would visit Maranello, the home of Ferrari, man that would be the day, amazing for sure, and also enjoy some Italian food made in Italy, ahh, all that pasta, and pizza and lasagne, it makes me hangry. I would like to apreciate a calm afternoon in a house in the mountains with that cold weather and a glass of good wine, and in the complexity of this moment, feel the simplest of all things, feel you are in your home.

Rome is a destination I wouldn't miss in this trip, I admire the roman civilization and need to be at least one time in it's remains, to see what was left of the mighty Coliseum.
Walk trought the wanderful coast of the country and I would spent litlle time not visiting something, only time enough to enjoy Italian restaurants and the kindness of the people.



Guys, remember that day I asked you to write down things you had already done to learn English and things you had never done but you knew you could do to learn even more? Here is a complete list of what the students in both 3B classes I teach this semester answered, and I would like you to write the following in the comment area:

a) is there anything you read in the "I have already done" section that you didn't answer but now you remembered you have already done?

b) which are the two things in the "I could do" section that you think are the most effective to improve your English skills?

c) choose at least one thing that you don't do to start doing this semester.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


If I could choose anywhere in the world to have the vacation of my dreams I would go to Greece. I love Greece because that's the country that could better explain the history of the development of our civilization, and because there are lots of historical monuments. I would go there in the summer because I prefer high temperatures, and I would stay there for one month.

I would get there by airplane , but getting there by car (after taking an airplane from Brazil to anywhere in Europe)would be interesting too, because if I do that, I would visit more cities of this country.I would travel with my brother, because we both love Greece.

As I said, I would go there in the summer, so I would to wear summer clothes in mornings and afternoons, and for the nigths, I would to wear jeans and sweaters.What I would do as soon I got there is go to a hotel and sleep to recouver my energies.

I would spend my days making tours around the city to search some historical monuments, going to the beaches, eating greek food and starting to lear their language (in the mornings and afternoons).At nigth i would go to nightclubs,bars, amusument parks, local festivals and shows. Hey guy, I think it would be nice!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New York

If I could choose a place in the world to travel , I'd choose NY.But I'd only go with eighteen years old , because now I think I'd not like to much , the good of new York are the parties, the night.

I have 4 cousins living there , and when I talk with them they say that it's the best place that they have already gone.I'd travel by plane , because its too far , and if I could choose someone to go with me, I'd choose my brother,Gustavo, or a friend , but I think going there with the parents is not to cool.My brother's a very nice person and I like the things that he likes , so I think it would be nice travelling with him.

I think I would spend my time there visiting beautiful places, and snowboarding , Ihave already gone to USA , and I completed my third year of life there , but I was too young and I can't remember anything.I think I'd stay in my uncle's house , it’s better than a hotel where you don't know anybody. It's good to travel somewhere different, to change a little our lifes , this can relax us.

So for me the perfect place to visit is New York.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Zeland

In my dream vacation, I'd go to New Zealand.I'd go there because I have friends living there. They told me that it is the most beautiful place that they have ever been. I saw their photos of the place, and it was really incredible. I would go there in the summer, because the weather there is the same of Brazil.

I'd travel by plane. It would be really nice, because in New Zealand we could do extreme sports, there are a lot of sports that we could do there. If I want to surf, I can surf. If I want to go snowboarding, I can, it would be really cool. Did you know that the highest bungee jumping in the world is in New Zealand? That's why New Zealand is called the country of "Radical Sports".

I would have to take a lot of clothes, and all the types of clothes, because I would surf, I would go snowboarding, I'd jump of parachute there, etc. The first thing that I'd do is sleep. It's a very long and boring traveling to the other side of the world. After sleeping, I 'd take a walk, to make new friends, because I love to meet new people.

I'd do everything that I can. I'd do the sports, I'd take a tour, I'd dance...and finally... I would call my parents, because they would be really worried.


If I could have the vacation of my dreams, I would go to Paris, France. For me Paris is a vintage place with a very interesting architecture. I would go there in December to see the city very shiny with the Christimas decoration. And I would stay 20 days there.

The perfect person that I would take with me is my friend Jessica, because she wants to study fashion design and there is the perfect place to learn more about it. And she is the perfect friend that I would take in this amazing trip. During the flight we would spend the time listening to music, reading, watching movies and talking a lot!

In December the weather there is cold and I would take a lot of coats, pairs of jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, sunglasses, hats, and one empty bag to bring back all the new clothes that I would buy. As soon as we got there we would take a little nap and enjoy the rest of the day.

We would stay in a very luxury hotel. We would do a lot of things, beginning with the most important: shopping! We would spend money with designer's clothes and fragances. After we would visit the most important places like the Champs-Élysées considered, the most beautiful avenue in the world, EuroDisney Resort, make a stop to eat something in the Les Deux Magots. We would visit some historic places like the Notre-Dame cathedral, and visit the most famous museum, the Louvre. At last we would vist the most important place in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. And that's why Paris is one of the perfect places in the world for me.



It’s very hard to me to choose only one place for my dream vacation. I already traveled to many places like Portugal, France and recently, Argentina and Uruguay. And I liked all the places, but the one of my dream vacation is Disney World. I have already been there, but I want to go now with my friends. I think traveling with my friends would be very cool. It is going to be a new kind of vacation. I would travel in July because the North American summer in on, and I don’t want to go there in the winter.

To get there, I will get a plane, which will get there in 8 hours. I would like to take many good friends with me, because will be funnier. I want to know many people too. This is one reason why I want to go with an excursion. I will take t-shirts, shorts, pants and coats.

I want to go to all parks and parties too. So, my days will be spent at Disney parks and partys at night. Very good, isn’t it?

written by Vítor Moraes

Porto Seguro

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would travel to Porto Seguro because it is a place where there are many teenagers and many beaches. I like beaches a lot. I would go there in the "Semana do Saco Cheio" because it is the time where Porto Seguro is more crowded and there are many concerts.

To get there, I would travel by bus or by airplane. I think I would take my friends with me because the vacation with friends would be more exciting and happy. I wouldn’t take my parents with me because they would want to put rules in my dream vacation I wouldn’t want rules, I just would want fun!

Porto Seguro is a city of beach, therefore, is hot all year. I would take just "summer clothes" like shorts, t-shirts, slippers, sneakers and some jeans to hang out at night. As soon as I got there, I would go to the beach. All teenagers would go in the evenings and in the afternoons.

The places I would go to would be the beaches and the bars. Drinking in the beach with friends might be very good. I would spend my mornings and afternoons in the beach with my friends but in the evening I would go to the concerts. If I had the chance to get to Porto Seguro this way, would be very fun!

written by Pedro


If I could choose anywhere in the world to have the vacation of my dreams, I would travel to Hawaii. I would go to this place because I had already saw some pictures of Hawaii and I’m sure I would love to discover the natural beauties and the culture of the people who lives there. I also think Hawaii is a very good place to relax, try new things like different cocktails or start surfing. I would go in the summer because it’s the most hot time in the year, so I think I would enjoy more.

I would get there by plane or maybe by ship, in my opinion go by ship is more exciting, but the plane is much faster. I would prefer to go with my friends, but go with my family would be very good too.

In the summer Hawaii is very hot, so I would use tropical clothes like T-shirts and obviously bermuda of flowers. As soon as I got there, I would take a surfboard and go to the beach.
I wouldn’t stay at home because in Hawaii are lots of things to do, in the morning and in the afternoon I would go to the beaches and take a walk at cities that I would visit. At night I would go to night clubs.

In conclusion, I think Hawaii is one perfect place to spend your dream vacation because now a days everybody suffers one pressure, consequently we some times get stressed, so Hawaii would be the right place to relax and have a lot of fun.

written by Yuri


If I could have the vacation of my dreams, I would travel to Hawaii. I would choose this place because I saw so much photos on XV and it is so beautiful!! My cousin went to Hawaii last year and told me that, in Hawaii have many exotic’s restaurants and the food it’s delicius. I would like to go there in summer, because the beachs has a lot of people.

I would get there by plane and I would travel with my friends, because it’s funiest then with mother or father.

I think that I would take some short’s and summer clothes because it’s hot in Hawaii. I got there, I would go to the beach because everyone said the beach is perfect!

The places that I would go it’s restaurant’s for eat exotic’s food, I would go to shop’s and all the night I would go out with my friends!!

written by Luana


One day, if I could in the next year, I would do my dream vacation. I think this travel would be to Australia, there is located somewhere in Oceania, between The Pacific and Indian Oceans, and I would go in the summer, to spend my time there doing the best I could do, because when is cold, the weather could curb mine activities there. A year ago, many friends asked me why, and I made the same question to myself. So I talked with an Australian and I found many answers to my question. First, This place is exotic, fascinating and offers attractive tourism. Second, Australians are very friendly and funny, they aren't exclude you only because you aren't from the same nationality. Third, this travel would be good to broaden my experience of the world.

Then, for this travel would be better, I would take Julia with me, because when we were children, we said that in the future we would travel together to Australia and would practice jet skiing. We found many things about Australia on the internet, one of them is a benefit that the Australian Government provides: to get there we would go by a plane, but inside the country it is easy to get where you want by car. But we couldn’t forget that Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world in size,with 7.686.850 of square kilometers, so it would be better go by plane for some distant cities.

In my opinion, when I would arrive in this magical place I would be very exciting, and the first thing I would do there is swim in the sea. Certainly, to do many activities I could be very comfortable, so I would take bikinis, shorts, hot t-shirts with me, only clothes I could wear, to have more space to bring many presents for my friends and my family.

Accommodation is not a problem, justified by a variety of places to stay and prices to pay for it. Before, I would prepare all my routine and where I would stay, to couldn’t lose time there and any money. There are many different and extraordinary things to do there, don't matter that it is in the morning,afternoon, or at nigth, for example: radical sports, visit historical places, go to the beaches, go to the cinema, observe the nature, practice other languages and others.This travel with certainly would be my dream vacation, I would be in the paradise, so it would be perfect.


Monday, September 24, 2007

London, England

If I could have the vacation of my dreams anywhere in the world, I think it would be in London, England. I would love to go there because I like the city since I was a child and I really love their culture. I think the best time to go there is in January because it is not too cold and not too hot. Moreover, I don’t have classes at this time.
I would get there by plane because it’s more practical. It would take many hours by plane, but I don’t really care because I would be with my big friend Marina. She is really funny and we would gossip all the way. Marina is a good company for me because we have many things in common and we always enjoy ourselves shopping. I have already traveled with her and it was really great.
I’d take all my clothes: a lot of coats, some pairs of jeans, dresses, a lot of t-shirts and shorts. I’d take as many shoes as I could because I just love them and a pair of sneakers to walk around the city.
As soon as I got there, I would visit the museums and the turistic places of the city, like The Big Bang, The Parliament, The Brittish Museum, The London Eye, The Tower Bridge, St. James Palace and many other places. I have a burning desire to take the two-floor bus, that is called Routemaster. I would watch the Philharmonic Orchestra of London and go to the theater because I love art. In the evening, I would go to bars, dancing clubs and restaurants where I could meet new people and try different kinds of food and drink. Mary and I would buy everything that we could until we had no money. By the way, what is a travel without shopping?


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

South Africa

If I could have the vacation of my dreams would be for South Africa, I would like to see the animals in the savanas in their natural habitat. Seing the zebras, giraffes, sharks always call my attention (since I was a little girl and this make a lot of people susprised.) I think the spring would be the best season for visit South Africa because isn't so hot and isn't so cold, and the animals are feeling better so you can see them acting normally and I feel more comfortable for not use that big clothes.

I would like to go by plane because it is faster, safer and comfortable, but I'm not a big fan of planes. I would go with my father because he's my partnet in different and sometimes crazy adventures, he would say ''YES'' in the moment because South Africa is his dream vacation too, but my mother HATE the idea.

I would take summer clothes and pants, hats, t-shirts and coats too because in savanas probally there are a LOT of mosquitos and the tourist guide says that this kind of clothes are better to walk in the savanas. When I arrived there there I would go sea diving with sharks. After I would check savanas or something in contact with the nature also I would look for native people to really make contact with african reality for in the near futere DO something for them, I hope that they speak english

I would spend at least 2 weeks, South Africa is a country that different people are mixed so I see a lot of contrast and probally this will call my atenttion. One of the cities that I will definetly visit is one of the 3 capitals Cable City there is the ''tourist'' city in South Africa there the nights are more ''intense'' and there are some museums and reallu beatiful beaches that I could visit too...



Hello guys! Welcome to your blog! For this first post I would like you to tell me your dream vacation destination.

Have fun!!!