Thursday, November 08, 2007


In the world have many differents styles. The most comun styles in Brazil are trendy, hippie, preppy, emo and hip hop. These styles are adopted by teenagers the most, the adults adopt a style named casual.
The word emo came from emotional, and the emos are persons who are sad about their lives and sometimes they try to kill theirselves, they wear black clothes and they have their hair painted. The trendy are people who try to be fashion, they are normal persons who uses normal clothes, but clothes that are fashion. The hippie are persons who don´t accept the violence and try to be lovely. This style was created in the 60´s when the U.S. were in war with the Vietnan. The hippies were not in favor of this war, so in way of protest they adopted this way of life. The preppy are people who are rich in the most and they use only expensive clothes, they like to go to shopping malls and Pier 21. Hip hop are people who don´t accept the violence on streets, and try to make peace with their songs.
So, today you know that you can´t be excluded from the society, will be always an group for everybody, the only thing you have to do is think what group is better for you, and if you enjoy on a strange group, good luck!

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