Monday, November 05, 2007


There are many types of styles in our society, each one with theirs differences and ideologies. Nowadays, in Brasília , there are an enormous variety of teen styles and there are three styles that are more common: emo, hip hop and trendy .

Emo is a style of people who like to wear colorful hairs and black and white clothes. Emos like to wear bands and put lots of black make up in their eyes. They like melancolic songs that are darivated of the hardcore, that are named emocore. The place that they love in Brasilia is Patio Brasil Shopping.

Hip hop is the style of people who love types of music like rap and hip hop. They use caps and enormous silver necklaces. This style came from the lower classes of NY. They also like baggy pants and t-shirts as the skaters.

The last style is the trendy. Trendy is the style of the persons who like to use the most expensive clothes and who like the most expensive stores. They usually go to shopping malls and nigth clubs.Some of the trendy girls have straight hair and are anorexic to be fashion. They usually listen to funk and eletronic music. In Brasilia trendy persons are found in Pier 21.

Everyone have a different type of style but the most important is the respect bettwen these styles. People are different and all of them have a type of style that could show a little of what they are.

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