Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Nowadays, in our society there are many groups of teenagers that have the same style, we recognized them by they clothes hair and so on. The most common styles are trendy, hippie,preppy, emo, gothic, casual, hip hop, skater, hardcore punk, geek... In this composition I will talk about three of them: casual, EMO and trendy.
EMO come from emotional , they listen to bands like, Simple Plan, Fall out Boys, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlote, Fresno, NX zero...
They always go to Patio Brasil a shopping mall in Brasília to have fun, they met there other emos and talk. They have colorfull hair pink, blue, purple, violet are the colors that they like it more, they use dark clothes with cherries and skulls, they like to buy their clothes and acessories at stores at Conic.
Casual people like the name says are casual they uses fashion clothes but they don't worry about always use fashion clothes they like to use a pair of jeans thar is really classic, they uses t-shirts, blouses, a pair of sneakers things that match really easy, they buy this at shopping mall, They have fun going to the movies, hanging out with friends, go to partys to dance. They listen to a little of everything of the other styles: a little of hip-hop, a litlle of rock, a little of pop...
Trendy people are the most common in my city they use expensive clothes of really famous designers and famous stores like Armani, Gucci, Guess, Colcci, Dolce & Gabanna, Channel, Prada. Trendy Girls are thin and they like their hair really straight, and like to wear jewels and see wich nail is more beatifull. Trendy boys like to wear expensive sneakers, expensive clothes, but they aren't thinner as the trendy's girls. They like to go to night clubs and they reallu like to go to Pier 21, they like to listen more pop music.
In conclusion nowadays the world are really dived in groups and styles, and the person see wich group they have in most things in common. We just have to respect each other and everybody live with differences between the styles and the songs ans the types of clothes and something like that

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