Thursday, November 08, 2007

people's life style

In schools of high midle people the most common styles of teenagers are preppy, trendy and nerd. Preppy teens use lacoste, tommy, big eyeglasses and polo-shirt. Trendy are those who like to wear different things that are in fashion and are expensive. Nerd like computer games and all that have in common with technology.
In the city has more variety of tribes like, hippie, emo, gothic, casual, skater, hardcore punk, geek. Because each person has your own style, depending of the place that they use to attend.
In community of north lake there is alot of tribes; preppy, nerd, skaters, "pião", trendy, casual, etc.
For adolescents the lifestyle is very important. Because theyfind their tribes, the people whom they identify. These are the famous "panelinhas." But when the adolescent grows and matures will think their way of living than in their way of living as. This is a the kink of life style futile. At this stage they prefer to go to partys and try to represent your way of being, 'mark their territory' and show to other people that is better than they think of.
That is, you tell me with whom walks that I'll say who you are

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