Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Tribes are groups of teenagers that think and do the same things. A god way to know of what tribe a person is , is looking his clothes and his hair.The teens that are of a same trib use to listen to simular musics,singers and etc.
We can always see Geeks..They’re very inteligent but they usually dont have a good social life , because most of them are shy.they love being in front of computers,they can do a lot of games and interesting programs.When you talk about Geeks the first thing you remember are the glasses and the normal clothes. The second group are the Emos. No one like them,they’re hated because of their bands and other tribes associate emos like “gays” just because of being emotional like the name EMO says. They use make-up on the face,and they have a strange hair cut.They use to write on their shoes too a unormal thing .Some of them have a lot of piercings.Nowadays , in Brasília Emos have some places for meeting and being together. And a trib that is very comum too are the Hippies, they very peacefull and they don’t worry about clothes and hair cuts .They like instruments like guitars and percussion intruments , that can be artesanal, they like artesanal earings bracelets and etc.
Everyone have a different way of showing your style and things that you like to do , but the most important thing is respecting the others .A problem of tribes , is that noboddy wanna be diferent , so people are affraid of being rejected by them.

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