Tuesday, November 06, 2007


In our society, there are many types of styles, each one with their ideologies.In Brasília there are a lot of teen styles, and the most common are : emo, trendy and casual.

Emo is a mist of gothics and punks.They have colorfullhairs and they love to use bands.They listem to Emotional Hardcore, a type of depressive song with emotional lirics, like; Simple Plan, Nx Zero, etc.Nowadays, in Brasília, they're going to Patio Brasil and killing themselves.

Trendy is the style for rich people or people tha want to look like.They uses the most expensive clothes and like the most expensive stores.They like to listem to eletronic music, and usually they're in the best parties.The sometimes can be rude, because they think that they're better than the others.

A very common style is the casual. They don't use the most expensive clothes, but the like to have good things. It's better to have one good thing than a lot of bad things. Usually, they use jeans and t-shirts and tennis shoes. They like to go to every kind of paries and they listen to all types of music. They accept everybody and everykind ok styles.

If you don't ha ve one of this style, don't worry! The most important thing is to be and believe in yourself. Different people and different style, we just have to respect it.

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