Thursday, November 08, 2007

University's Tribes

University of Brasilia, an interesting place, as supposed it is crowded with students of many courses, and although they aren’t the same, they can be classified in tribes because of their common traits. These tribes express many things about their members, like what music they listen, what are their main interests, what are their clothe and so on. In the location mentioned before(UnB) there are tribes that have more members than the others, the greater of all is certainly the Casuals, but there is also Trendies, and Sporties.

Casual are simply born Casual, they were jeans and t-shirt and they are fine they are normal people, go to parties and listen to many types of songs (nothing dramatic or extreme), tend to built many relations and a large group of friends they fit in the community. Trendies also fit in and have many relation and friends but they have more money and they spent it to wear fashion clothes and go to elite parties, they do fine among Casuals but sometimes they can be considered snobs. As for the Sporties, they are ready to play football and wear football team t-shirt, tennis shoes and always talk about sports and last day games, they are almost Casuals but with a high taste for sports, they do fine with Trendies too, but the two groups aren’t close.

And those three compose almost 70% of the subject’s population, the other minor tribes have their roles to play in the University but they are sure more isolated. Casuals can be the standard but that doesn’t mean it is the correct tribe or behavior, but they are the most common in part by comprehending that, Casuals are political, friends to everybody and enemies to none, respects the differences and let it be!

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