Thursday, November 01, 2007


In the society, there are many types of styles, each one with their own ideologies. Styles is on way to express their personalities, people who they admire, looks, clothing styles, music, places where they go, and other characteristics. In the teens world , is usual to see a variety of styles. The most common are trendy, emo and casual.
One of the teen fashion styles is trendy, that
is a little limited because of the amount of money that they expense. So, it is represented by persons who are generally blond, buy many stylish and fashionable clothes in stores as Colcci,, Armani, like to go to expensive parties, that rich people go and like to listen an eletronic music. With frequency, people of this style worship famous models, actors and singers. About their humour, it is agreeable, but sometimes not.
Nowadays, emo style had been growing in a big porcentage of members, who are adept to this personality. They go, in Brasília, to Pátio Brasil Shopping, to buy their different clothes there and in some stores in Conic. They prefer to listen to NxZero, Simple plan, so depressive songs. They have colorful hair, side fringes, wear many piercings and a lot of black eye-liner.And they usually take photos with the angle on the top.
Casual is another famous style, it isn't a showy chic, but a basic chic. They buy clothes in M. officer, Forum, Opção and others, jeans is very important, and they have one rule: the most comfortable is the best. They go to shopping malls, to the cinema,sometimes to dance, so simple and fun activities. In this especific style the posibilities of people who they admire is very ample. They listen to all kinds of music, and about others styles, they are the components of styles who most accept the differences, because they are in the middle of all styles.
Inside, everyone is unique, so everybody had to learn to coexist with the differences, because the freedom speech exist. It is good, it will make everybody grow more and more.


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