Thursday, November 01, 2007


In the world , we have lots of diferent styles like Emo, Hip Hop, geek and many others. They are all incredible and funny. Each style represents the personality of the person. Everyone has a style that can be an alternative, an exclusive or a common style. I will write about Emo, Hip Hop and Geek styles.
Emo is one of that styles.They wear black clothes,strange belts and All-Star shoes. They paint their hair in strange colors, like blue, red, yellow. The emos usually listen to Panic at the Disco, Fall out boy, NXZERO and many others. In fact, Emos are people who don't like their lifes, many emos want to kill themselves.
Another style is the Hip Hop. They are composed, in majority, by the lower classes of the society. However,there are hip hoppers in higher parts of the society as well. They wear caps, big pants, big t-shirts, chains and coats, and they listen to fifty cent, Akon and others.
The last style that I will talk about is the geek style. They are computer experts. They know a lot about tecnology and videogames.Geeks don't care about their appearence, they don't care about their clothes. In general, geeks don't have a good social life, they prefer to use the computer on a Saturday night instead of going out with friends.
In the world,the geeks and emos aren't well seen by the other people, in general.However,the other style is well seen by the younger part of society.

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