Monday, October 15, 2007

USA; Disney

If I could have the vacation of my dreams anywhere, I would travel to the United States, and to Disney World. I would chose this place because many people say that Disney is the best park in the world, and the U.S. has the most interesting things in the world. I would go in summer because it is the best season for going there, there are lots of people in the summer.
To get there, I think I would travel by plane, because it is the fastest and best way of going. I would go on a trip group with my best friends Henrique, Vítor and Alemão, all from Lago Norte, in the street that my grands lives. When we get there, the first thing we would do it is going to the roller coasters.
I would take my shorts and t-shirts with me, because it would be hot and sunny there in the summer. Ofcouse I will take my Flip Floop with me, the best sandals in the world, the Havainas. I would go to the roller Coasters, and I would take many pictures there, with Mickey mouse and Donald Duck too.
I would stay only in the parks and in the hotel. Disney is the paradise of fun and adventure, I would enjoy it a lot!
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