Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Zealand

If I could have a vacation of my dreams, I would go to New Zealand, because I could go to the beach or to the snow. I would go there in summer, because it's hot and cold at the same time. If I would go for a swim , it would be hot and sunny, but if I would go to snow, would be very cold.
To get there, I would go by plane or ship. I would take my family with because I would have more comfort, I could expend more money, and we could be more independent.
If I would go to snowing , I would have to take so much clothes, like sweaters, jackets, pants and sneakers. But if I go to the beach, I would take a few T-shirts, some shorts and flip flops. As soon as I got there, I would go to see the snow and the beach at the same time. It must be beaultiful. the places that I would go to would be parties in the city, some beaches and the snow. I would go to ski in the morning because of the sun and in the afternoon I would go to the beaches for a swim. At night I would go visit an other places, like restaurants, parks and parties.

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