Tuesday, September 18, 2007

South Africa

If I could have the vacation of my dreams would be for South Africa, I would like to see the animals in the savanas in their natural habitat. Seing the zebras, giraffes, sharks always call my attention (since I was a little girl and this make a lot of people susprised.) I think the spring would be the best season for visit South Africa because isn't so hot and isn't so cold, and the animals are feeling better so you can see them acting normally and I feel more comfortable for not use that big clothes.

I would like to go by plane because it is faster, safer and comfortable, but I'm not a big fan of planes. I would go with my father because he's my partnet in different and sometimes crazy adventures, he would say ''YES'' in the moment because South Africa is his dream vacation too, but my mother HATE the idea.

I would take summer clothes and pants, hats, t-shirts and coats too because in savanas probally there are a LOT of mosquitos and the tourist guide says that this kind of clothes are better to walk in the savanas. When I arrived there there I would go sea diving with sharks. After I would check savanas or something in contact with the nature also I would look for native people to really make contact with african reality for in the near futere DO something for them, I hope that they speak english

I would spend at least 2 weeks, South Africa is a country that different people are mixed so I see a lot of contrast and probally this will call my atenttion. One of the cities that I will definetly visit is one of the 3 capitals Cable City there is the ''tourist'' city in South Africa there the nights are more ''intense'' and there are some museums and reallu beatiful beaches that I could visit too...



Mariane :D said...

Oh,I think your dream vacation is very exciting.In my case I would like to go one day, but not is my dream vacation. My dad and my friend went to South Africa,and they have many interistings histories to tell.


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

From pictures and things I've heard, South Africa seems to be a very pleasant country to visit. If I could, I would certainly visit South Africa during the 2010 soccer world cup!

Isabela said...

Hi, I work at the Main Branch. I think South Africa is an intriguing place, and I'd certainly like to visit it. My parents have been there and they enjoyed it a lot.

Thaís said...

I think it's very cool!
but I wouldn't visit there because I don't like this kind of animals so much... I would be a little afraid. It's interesting that your father would go with you... In the travel of my dreams, my father definitely wouldn't go ;)
maybe you could tell more details about the place. I'm really curious about how the peolple live there.

Luana and Monica said...

Africa it's so diferrent and interesting, I would like to go there too !