Monday, September 24, 2007

London, England

If I could have the vacation of my dreams anywhere in the world, I think it would be in London, England. I would love to go there because I like the city since I was a child and I really love their culture. I think the best time to go there is in January because it is not too cold and not too hot. Moreover, I don’t have classes at this time.
I would get there by plane because it’s more practical. It would take many hours by plane, but I don’t really care because I would be with my big friend Marina. She is really funny and we would gossip all the way. Marina is a good company for me because we have many things in common and we always enjoy ourselves shopping. I have already traveled with her and it was really great.
I’d take all my clothes: a lot of coats, some pairs of jeans, dresses, a lot of t-shirts and shorts. I’d take as many shoes as I could because I just love them and a pair of sneakers to walk around the city.
As soon as I got there, I would visit the museums and the turistic places of the city, like The Big Bang, The Parliament, The Brittish Museum, The London Eye, The Tower Bridge, St. James Palace and many other places. I have a burning desire to take the two-floor bus, that is called Routemaster. I would watch the Philharmonic Orchestra of London and go to the theater because I love art. In the evening, I would go to bars, dancing clubs and restaurants where I could meet new people and try different kinds of food and drink. Mary and I would buy everything that we could until we had no money. By the way, what is a travel without shopping?



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I hope you get a chance to visit London real soon, Amanda! This way, you would have fun, visit cool places and practice English!

Raquel Medeiros said...

british english is different but in tha same way you learn it...

I am trying to convice my mother to do my exchange there because I watched A place call Nothing Hill and a got in love for london...


Melissa e Júlia said...
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Mariana Reis said...

Hey Amanda.
Your composition is great and you write English very well, but what would you do in the morning and at night? We are curious.

I(Mariana)have been on London in January too, and it is not so cold but we have to use many coats because we are not used to that weather. The Parlament is really beautiful and big. I had gone in the theaters and I watched The Phanton of the Opera and Lion King. I think you should watch because it is very very very exciting, amazing, everything that is good.

I (Cássia)ave never been there but I read your composition and I wanna go there.

Bye. Mariana and Cássia

melissa and julia said...

Me and my friend would like to go together to London. We think that London is a very beautiful city but I have to ask my mother if I can go ¬¬


Ramon Costamilan said...

Very nice place, i would go to every one of the places you mentioned but i would also go to a Manchester game, it`s one of the reasons i like the british is their love for football.