Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New York

If I could choose a place in the world to travel , I'd choose NY.But I'd only go with eighteen years old , because now I think I'd not like to much , the good of new York are the parties, the night.

I have 4 cousins living there , and when I talk with them they say that it's the best place that they have already gone.I'd travel by plane , because its too far , and if I could choose someone to go with me, I'd choose my brother,Gustavo, or a friend , but I think going there with the parents is not to cool.My brother's a very nice person and I like the things that he likes , so I think it would be nice travelling with him.

I think I would spend my time there visiting beautiful places, and snowboarding , Ihave already gone to USA , and I completed my third year of life there , but I was too young and I can't remember anything.I think I'd stay in my uncle's house , it’s better than a hotel where you don't know anybody. It's good to travel somewhere different, to change a little our lifes , this can relax us.

So for me the perfect place to visit is New York.



Raquel Medeiros said...

my mother dream to go to NY to go shopping I'd like to met NY because os parties to know the city that never sleep

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Very nice report, Leonardo! I want to go to NY too!!!

Very good comment, Rachel!
"I wanna wake up in the city that never sleeps"

Herbert said...

I would travel to Ny too, but for me the best place in US is Atlanta in Georgia because of the parties.

José and Herbert said...

We think you should write one more paragraph, and you could write more linking words.

Fãzinhassss!!! said...
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Marcella said...

I love new york!
and I love you too