Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Nowadays, there are so many different people and styles. Here, in Brasília, the most common styles are: trendy, skaters and casual.
Trendy is the high society style. Trendy people are always wearing expensive clothes, designer clothes or brand-name clothes and they are always using a modern hair cut. They are always going shopping or going to parties. Most of them like to listen to pop and electronic music. A trendy person’s friend, most of the times, is another trendy person.
If you want to be radical, you have to be a skater. They’re always using baggy clothes, most of the times they are with a skate in their hands and they have messy hair. They like to listen to rock (like “Charlie Brown jr.”), hip hop and rap. Most of them don’t like to study because they prefer to skate.
The most common style here is the casual people. Most of the times, they are wearing jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes. They like to listen to all the kinds of music. They like to play sports, to go shopping, to go to parties, resuming they like to do everything.
Everybody have a style but the important thing in our lives is not our style, is the way we act in front of the differences of other people’s style. We have to respect people who are different from us so we can leave in peace.


Geraldine said...

hi! i really enjoy to read your notes.. cause i dont speak english.. i'm from Chile and i think i could understand you and over all i could knew about the diferent kind of styles in your city.
now my question is: what kind of person are you?? a trendy person?? i dont think so jajaja for the way that you describe them...
Is necesarie to to be in some style?? and because?? is for be like others??
because nobody wants to be different? or maybe cause they're afraid to be a rejected person or.. what ever.. live in a style sometimes is cause the people needed to be indentify with some... there's a big empty inside of them...

but.. well

i hope you can uderstand my main idea! if you cant i really understand why jaja =)

have a good day!


Anonymous said...

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