Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Porto Seguro

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would travel to Porto Seguro because it is a place where there are many teenagers and many beaches. I like beaches a lot. I would go there in the "Semana do Saco Cheio" because it is the time where Porto Seguro is more crowded and there are many concerts.

To get there, I would travel by bus or by airplane. I think I would take my friends with me because the vacation with friends would be more exciting and happy. I wouldn’t take my parents with me because they would want to put rules in my dream vacation I wouldn’t want rules, I just would want fun!

Porto Seguro is a city of beach, therefore, is hot all year. I would take just "summer clothes" like shorts, t-shirts, slippers, sneakers and some jeans to hang out at night. As soon as I got there, I would go to the beach. All teenagers would go in the evenings and in the afternoons.

The places I would go to would be the beaches and the bars. Drinking in the beach with friends might be very good. I would spend my mornings and afternoons in the beach with my friends but in the evening I would go to the concerts. If I had the chance to get to Porto Seguro this way, would be very fun!

written by Pedro


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Well, when you get to 3rd grade you may convince your friends to have a "Semana do Saco Cheio" trip to Porto Seguro, what do you think?

Gustavo said...

Pedro, travelling to Porto Seguro may be nice, I agree with you.It isn´t my dreams trip, but it´s a good option.
I think your composition is complete and interesting, good job!And I do not have any suggestions.