Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Zeland

In my dream vacation, I'd go to New Zealand.I'd go there because I have friends living there. They told me that it is the most beautiful place that they have ever been. I saw their photos of the place, and it was really incredible. I would go there in the summer, because the weather there is the same of Brazil.

I'd travel by plane. It would be really nice, because in New Zealand we could do extreme sports, there are a lot of sports that we could do there. If I want to surf, I can surf. If I want to go snowboarding, I can, it would be really cool. Did you know that the highest bungee jumping in the world is in New Zealand? That's why New Zealand is called the country of "Radical Sports".

I would have to take a lot of clothes, and all the types of clothes, because I would surf, I would go snowboarding, I'd jump of parachute there, etc. The first thing that I'd do is sleep. It's a very long and boring traveling to the other side of the world. After sleeping, I 'd take a walk, to make new friends, because I love to meet new people.

I'd do everything that I can. I'd do the sports, I'd take a tour, I'd dance...and finally... I would call my parents, because they would be really worried.


Raquel Medeiros said...

huahuahua after everything you will call your parents????

I love extreme sports probaly I'd jump of parachute there...


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

That sounds like a very cool trip! Did you know that the highest bungee jumping in the world is in New Zealand?

João Henrique said...

I love practicing radical sports too, I go skateboarding very often in Brasília and I like everything that is radical. Because of that, I would love to go to New zeland. And after you said all those good things about there, I'm starting to think better about going there.
I liked so much your composition. However, I thing you could give more details about what would you do and you could use more linking words.