Monday, October 01, 2007


If I could choose anywere to travel, like my dream travel, it would certainly be Italy, with its beautiful sights and historical sites and of course foods and cars, all of this there just to be admired, to be delighted. Besides Italy is the country of my ancestors, I would love to visit the city of Pergini in the north, which is the city my family lived. So if I went to Italy I would do so in the winter, the cold weather with gray sky above and the lovely Italian land, too beautiful to describe.

I would fly to Italy, assuming I started my journy on Brazil because any other way would have some complications, but if I were already in Europe I would drive all the way , that's for sure, I could enjoy those marvelous roads. In my little adventure I would like to bring along my brother with me so we could enjoy the land of our ancestors together, he is lots of fun, loves good food, good wine, nice Italian views, nice Italian sports cars and nice Italian women, just like me. Because of my choyce of going in the winter, i would be forced to take clothes for cold weather, but I would take some old simple clothes so that I could visit the countryside of Italy, like going to a farm or a place where they make wine, all like it was made in the midle ages, very cool.

As soon as I get there I would visit Maranello, the home of Ferrari, man that would be the day, amazing for sure, and also enjoy some Italian food made in Italy, ahh, all that pasta, and pizza and lasagne, it makes me hangry. I would like to apreciate a calm afternoon in a house in the mountains with that cold weather and a glass of good wine, and in the complexity of this moment, feel the simplest of all things, feel you are in your home.

Rome is a destination I wouldn't miss in this trip, I admire the roman civilization and need to be at least one time in it's remains, to see what was left of the mighty Coliseum.
Walk trought the wanderful coast of the country and I would spent litlle time not visiting something, only time enough to enjoy Italian restaurants and the kindness of the people.


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Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Well, since your family is from Italy, this trip would be very special to you!