Thursday, October 11, 2007

United States of America

If I could have the vacation of my dreams, I would probably go to the USA. In New York there is the biggest musical instrument’s store in the world and in Orlando there is one of the biggest resorts in the world, the “Walt Disney World resort”. If I could, I would travel in the summer because it’s not so cold and I can enjoy the parks more.

I’m sure that I would go by plane, because it’s a long trip and by plane I would get there faster. I would do anything to go with my friends, because with my friends I have more fun, I’m not so shy and everything gets better.

I would go in the summer therefore I would take just some clothes that I wear here. I would buy most of the clothes there because it is more inexpensive. Before traveling, I would eat a lot of “feijoada” and after I got there, I would shout: “I’m in the United States of America!!!!”

I don’t know how I would spend my days there but in New York I would probably buy clothes, video games, shoes and a lot of other things, but the most important thing that I’d do in NY I’d buy a lot of things in the biggest musical instrument store in the world. It must be perfect and it would be so cool. In Disney I would have fun every day. I would go in every roller coaster in that resort. Probably I would go to a lot of parties there and with my friends these parties would be the best parties. I think that this would be my dream vacation.



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

My current dream vacation destination is Australia, as you already know, but before that, my dream vacation destination was New York too! Fortunately, I got a chance to spend a few days in NY next year, and I'm sure your day to visit the Big Apple will come really soon too!

Raquel Medeiros said...

Wagner you'll LOVE Orlando is very cool the roller-coaster are PERFECT one bigger than other with loopins and a lot o things that you can't even imagine...


Luciana Graziani said...

Wagner, one of my dreams is go to USA too!!
Your composition is very good, in my opinion, but maybe you can add more details and linking words.

Monica and Luana said...

Heey Wawa! (:
We think that NY it`s a good place to visit and we loved your composition! It`s very complete and organized. Congratulations! (: